Edge Of Tomorrow (Contains Spoilers)


Disastrous , thats the word i’d use to describe this movie .. I tried to enjoy it but it was almost close to impossible. I can pretty much watch any movie, no matter how shitty it is and still come out liking it  but not this time. To start with , I think Tom Cruise is pretty old now and his career is over. He is just delaying the inevitable and taking whatever shitty movies he can get now . The storyline was pretty unique so can’t even blame the directors, as it was alot of pressure and they must have tried their best? Or not . Basically this guy who is scared of blood gets sent to the frontline against his wishes, and there is a race who invaded Earth (only been told that they are called mimics and around 40 mins in , they show us what a mimic looks like ) Very little information on this race of aliens given in the movie. And obviously Earth is so technologically backwards that it can’t stand up against the aliens, so it has been shown that they work as a hive mind , duhhhh! So all the humans have to do is kill the queen bee of this alien race and they win, TA DA! . Oh and i forgot to mention that this alien can turn back time (LOL) , so anytime one of its main commanders die the alien being resets the day (LOLOL WTF) , and by killing a commander the ability to reset time gets shifted on to Tom Cruise and then the female lead is the only one who believes Tom Cruise about this because apparently this happened to her too and she lost the ability to reset time (so she tells him how she lost the ability and warns her not to be a dumb twat and lose the ability like she did but duh he loses it which could easily have been avoided ) . And then when he doesn’t have the “resetting the day ” ability anymore, they get 1 last chance to destroy the alien aaaand BOOM , the alien is dead.  I recommend skipping this movie but if you really want to watch it then download it through a torrent (No don’t fucking buy a Dvd.. don’t even spend 1 buck on this lame ass , piece of shit movie)



My Greatest Sorrow is My Greatest Joy

Your daughter is beautiful. Thoughts and prayers are with you Wendy. I really do hope we see a miracle.

Strengthening the Soul

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things” ~ Robert Brault

She’s dying. My 9 year old daughter is dying. Today I can say it without crying, but not necessarily tomorrow. Each day is filled with up and down emotions. Some days I am hopeful for a cure, but many days I am filled with despair and an indescribable sadness. My heart aches. My tears burn. My head and my body are tired.

You see, my daughter Abby was recently diagnosed with a rare, genetic disease that is terminal. There is no cure or treatment. No cure. 100% terminal. Every child diagnosed with this disease will die. I have never felt so helpless. As mothers, it is our job to nurse our child’s boo-boos, dry their tears, teach them how to deal with sorrow and upsets, and give them hope…

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Marvel Animated Movies Top 10

10. Avengers Confidential : Black Widow & Punisher




Pretty decent movie , new storyline and good for passing timing. Go in with low expectations and you’ll come out happy .

9.Iron Man : Rise Of Technovore


I’ll be honest, wasn’t very impressed with this film. But its iron man, He just finds a way to somehow please you. Pretty great storyline, but the animation has changed. I really liked the animations in the movies before 2011. All in all , happy ending but one thing i really loved about this movie was that the villain was too strong and almost impossible for iron man to defeat alone, and this movie required actual teamfight and using of wits .

8.Ultimate Avengers 2


Wow , this movie was pretty darn awesome. This will kind of remind you of the avengers movie but this has black panther, ant man, the wasp and some more marvel heroes. Story was decent, could been better, but the animations were crazy . These movies are supposed to be made for kids , so you expect a happy ending… But sadly that was one part they fucked up.. I watch live action movies  for serious,uncensored and a realistic story, but animated movies i watch to just smile and enjoy myself..So that is the main reason this movie is so down on the list. If you don’t mind the feels then you would probably like this movie more.

7.Next Avengers: Heroes Of Tomorrow


This movie takes place in an alternate dimension, where ultron (yes the evil villain who tony stark creates and grants him artificial intelligence) (and yes there is a live action movie coming up called avengers 2: The age of ultron) succeeds in wiping out the avengers (only stark and hulk remain alive along with all the children of the avengers). Chill those weren’t any spoilers, as they tell this in the first 10 minutes of this movie. Anyways got pretty disappointed in the end.. They defeated ultron using a weapon that was present during the time of the avengers.. So all i could think was “What the fuck.. why the fuck didn’t the avengers fucking use the weapon then and there..” But i still recommend this movie highly because Duh it has the children of avengers!! Who would wanna miss getting to know them? Not me.

6.The Invincible Iron Man


Classic stark. Amazing movie, nothing bad about it, Just simply awesome. Story was good too and nothing too hate about it. You will definitely enjoy it. The only reason it is placed on #6 on my list is that i love the heroes in the top #5 movies more than iron man.

5.Ultimate Avengers


First ultimate avengers . Kids this is what we watched in the time before marvel live action movies . For me this is where it all started. This movie got me hooked to superheroes on marvel’s avengers side (Before this we had x-men but not any avengers movies like iron man, or cap america,etc) Movie takes place in Wakanda (Black Panther country, home of all the vibranium you could ever want, and yes vibranium is the material which made captain america’s shield, at that time they only had so much vibranium to build 1 tiny shield. Wakanda has blocked communications to the outside world and flourished by iteself) Outsiders are prohibited (Fun fact: Storm of the x-men is from africa and she gets married to black panther and they also have a kid , Storm is not in this movie, just letting you know some extra facts)

4.Thor : Tales Of Asgard


One of the best movies i have ever seen. Thor as a kid … wow. You’ll be surprised to know that he was quite humble back then . Loki is there, Lady sif is there (though she is not a lady yet 😛 ) , Alot of knowledge is gained from this movie about Thor’s world. I , personally wasn’t satisfied with just the live action movie of thor.. I loved this character so much that i just had to find all there was to him. This movie lets me look right into Thor’s childhood .

3.Hulk Vs


I doubt there is anyone out there who doesn’t love THE HULK. I know his live action movies have sucked ass and hulk only became famous after the avengers movie, but this is where you see hulk as awesome as he was in avengers (and this was made before the avengers) . This movie has 2 parts to it, in 1 hulk fights thor (i don’t even wanna say anything , watch for yourself) and in the 2 hulk fights….. WOLVERINE. So this is a must watch. Download or Buy it and watch it instantly. You might be thinking ” Whattt? How can wolverine even go toe to toe against the hulk ? ” But trust me on this , its quite a fair fight and just get ready to have your mind blown.

2.Doctor Strange : The Sorcerer Supreme


This guy right here? Is the strongest there is in the marvel universe. No one can parallel his amazing powers.. And these are his origins. How he came to be. Doctor Strange : The Sorcerer Supreme. The name of the movie sends shivers down my spine. He is also part of the Illuminati (considering Iron man, Mr.Fantastic,Charles Xavier,Black Panther and a few more).I feel sad for him though.. He barely has any episodes in the avengers tv shows, and he doesnt even have any of his own movies.. Just this one. Marvel should definitely see the potential for him and make a ton of stuff on him.

1. Planet Hulk



In the last movie description i happened to mention illuminati. Well this illuminati thinks that someday Hulk might lose control and destroy Earth so they send him off in space. Yes you heard me. This is the fucking storyline of this movie. Hulk crash lands on another planet, Again i havent told any spoilers so chill out. I will refrain from mentioning anything else about this movie. Just go watch it right fucking now. To think about it, i haven’t seen this movie in over a year , i think i should watch it again. Just remember all the awesome movies i mentioned above and now think that this is the #1 of all those awesome movies. So yea you better go and watch it right now too.

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X-men : Days Of Future Past (Spoiler free)


This was one of the best movies i have ever seen. To understand this movie you only need to watch X-men : First Class . It also contains some flashbacks from x-men 3 and x-men : wolverine’s origins but they do not contribute much to the main story line .Many people out there are saying that there are alot of loopholes in the movie, and yes there are , so i recommend before you go to watch this movie you should keep an open mind, and you should consider this movie to take place in an alternate universe with many similarities to the main universe but some small differences. This way you will have the maximum pleasure in watching this movie.  The movie also had some humorous bits before the interval but the humor in no way contaminates the seriousness of the movie. Please google quicksilver/Maximoff before going to the movie unless you already know who he is.

Maximofff —> quicksilver

Be quiet throughout the movie and listen hard, cause if you miss even some dialogues it might get hard to understand that part and some tricky parts here and there but don’t worry you don’t need to be reading comics to understand. Normal people can easily understand each and every aspect of this movie . The Post-Credits scene is also brilliant but people who don’t read comics or havent seen the tv show – X-men:Evolution(Animated) won’t get it. If you still want to understand the post credits scene, then i recommend you google apocalypse x-men . This should give you enough information to get the post -credits scene.

xavier and magneto

Strongest Carry in Dota2

Many people say there is no one strongest carry. But i’d like to disagree. I think Faceless void is the strongest carry, followed my medusa and then alchemist.


Void is the strongest because you can no way in hell dodge his ulti no matter what item you get. All void needs is lvl 16 , Daedulus , Battlefury and Mask Of Madness . After these 3 items (and obviously a pair of boots , preferably power treads ) all you need to know is how to land your ultimate skill and you’re set. You can get easy team kills.

Now to pro up and make void OP(overpowerful) really fast, you need to start of with an axe and tango and a lane where you can easily last hit creeps, then you should buy gloves of haste(500 gold) then recipe (1550 gold) and finish your hand of midas before 10 minutes.. even if it takes you 12-14 minutes , its fine. Hand of midas is definitely worth it . After than buy boots of speed(450) . Gives you a good enough movement boost and keep using your hand of midas on lvl 6 jungle creeps only. Next item you should get is lifesteal mask and then recipe. Now you have mask of madness which gives you good attack speed in your ulti and you don’t have to worry about taking 30% extra damage because if you land your ulti properly , No one will be able to hit you. Next you should rush Crystallisis and buy it part by part – blades of attack(450) , broadsword(1200) , recipe(500) or if you are farming well then finish your power treads. Keep using your ulti as soon as the cooldown finishes  , even if you only get a single kill from it. Always remember to activate your mask in your ulti).Next stack money and finish you deadulus. By this point you can easily get 2-3 kills in your ulti. Next is battlefury , after you complete battlefury , try to land your ulti in such a way that maximum of the opponent team gets trapped in it and your team stays out of it, and then just activate your mask of madness and start hitting.  You can now easily kill any hero. If they have alot of tank in their team , you should probably get aghnims scepter , it increases the duration of your ulti. You should sell your hand of midas as soon as you hit level 22 or 23 depending on how easily you’re getting kills as it only gives you xp and gold which you do not need at such high level. Now depending on their team you should choose your last and final item.

1. If then have alot of stun and interuption and spells then you should get Black King Bar as your last item, this way even without your ulti you can keep killing .

2. If they have alot of tank and armor then you should get Assault Cuirass

3. If they have high evasion , heroes like phatom assassin , then you should get Monkey King Bar

Final option- Still having troubles? Sure we have an option for that as well, get a divine rapier. Land a successful ulti, and i gurantee you will kill everyone very easily, but personally i have never needed a rapier because void is enough. Anyways if it does come to the point when you really need a rapier then it would probably be super late game , like after 50-60 minutes have passed. And all you need to do is kill everyone (an hour has almost passed in the game so i’ll guess that all of their heroes are close to lvl 25 , so it would take them 120 seconds to respawn). Now you have 120 seconds all you need to do is run straight to their remaining towers and just activate your mask of madness and hit them, while your team kills the creeps and pushes the lane. (Trust me with this much dmg you don’t need creeps to take a tower) So after a rapier there is pretty much no way in hell they can beat you.. and if they do then i’m sorry but you should probably delete dota .

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Robb Stark’s sexual urges were the cause of his demise

War is won by strength in numbers and brains, Sadly Robb had both but then came a moment of weakness for him when the only thing he was thinking with , was his penis. And this is what he gotKingoftheNorth

The first mistake Robb made was breaking his pact with the Freys.. he chose love over an army.. This could have been overlooked and he still would have had a chance against the Lannisters but then he continued making more mistakes.

To add to this he decided to listen to his wife and tried to protect the Lannister children . Karstark on the other hand had to avenge his son and i totally agree with the action  he took next. If you let the Lannister children go now they will surely come back to hunt you.  Here he made his second mistake.. He beheaded Lord Karstark . Why? Because he killed the Lannister children. Followed by this all of Karstark’s people left and this left The King of the North with a smaller army at this command. All because he wanted a piece of this sweet arse .robb and his wife

Till now Lord Bolton was faithful but it was clear to him that this arrogant little twat also known as The King of the North had no chance of winning the war , So he began looking for options because lets admit it, no one wants to be on the losing side . You know what happens next. Wasn’t wise of his mother either to release Jaime .. Guess that teaches us women should stay in the kitchen eh?

But seriously , there is a way things are done. Look at Queen Cersei? or Lady Margaery for that instance, they both almost always get their way, because they know how things work. They know guys can only use either their tool or their brains.. I think Lady Sansa is also learning that as seen in the latest episode.


And so Robb got what he wanted, he chose to sacrifice the war and love rather than avenging his father and becoming a King.. So basically in short Robb gave up everything for some hot piece of ass. Why does this sound so familiar ?

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Robb Stark was responsible for his own death (Original post which got lost)


Firstly you are sadly mistaken if you think you can mix war and love.. This is reality my boy not some movie with a happy ending..Should have married Frey’s daughter.. Image

Secondly, war is won by tough decisions.. To all the people out there reading this , If you ever intend to go to a war please for fucks sake DO NOT listen to your wife when she says ” Oh they are just innocent kids with nothing to do with the war, we can’t kill them” Are you freaking nuts lady? Those were lannister kids.. and they would grow up and kill you.. So you should have let them die.. What good did it bring you ask? Oh well Robb “The King of the North” beheaded Lord Karstark which led to Karstark’s part of the army deserting Robb and for what? just because he murdered supposedly “innocent” lannister children.. Why because he listened to his wife.. Goddammit its a war not a kitchen.. Oh and to add , just before this happened, Robb’s stupidass mother released Jaime. Good work you old hag. And this all led Bolton to believe that the North which is so divided amongst itself couldn’t win the war and so he started looking around for possible opportunities and as soon as he could he made a deal with the lannisters as they had old and wise tywin and shit loads of money. So as you see this was all caused due to 2 women’s stupid kindness .. Bravo *claps slowly*. I think only Cersei and Margaery know how to get shit done.. Sleep with people.. And surely we can see that its the most effective technique. Booty and teats get men braindead (This is what happened to Robb.. The king of the north was thinking with his tool rather than his brain and thus listened to his wife ). Lady Sansa also seems to be learning the secrets of the trade as well as seen in the last episode Image

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